Hillcrest High School has a proud sporting and academic history. The school is renowned for producing well balanced young people and offers a large variety of sports for students to choose from. We believe engaging in sport helps our students foster interpersonal skills, intelligence, emotional confidence and social skills, striving towards creativity and development of key attributes of grit, determination and perseverance.

Now one year into our Raising our Game Action Plan, we are very proud of the progress towards our stated outcomes.

The perception of Sport at Hillcrest is rapidly changing. We are actively surrounding our key codes with quality coaching, raising our pride and presentation of uniforms, kit and facilities, which has resulted in raised performance on the fields & courts, while community perception and respect for sport at Hillcrest has lifted. A clear example of this is the fact we have had students actively requesting to transfer to Hillcrest teams for Volleyball, Cricket and Basketball over the 1st term of 2023.

Through the generous support of Grassroots we have made great strides in one year. Our goal now is to consolidate and continue to grow perception, participation and performance throughout 2023 and beyond.