Pippin is a musical feast! Full of joy, exuberance, comedy, tricks, catchy tunes and iconic, energetic dance numbers it fills the stage with its own brand of magic.

As told by a travelling troupe of actors led by the cunning and charming Leading Player, Pippin is the story of a young prince, heir to the throne, who is searching for his own “corner of the sky.” Pippin returns from university certain that he will find a fulfilling purpose in life. 

As encouraged by the Leading Player, Pippin dabbles in bloody battle, licentious entanglements, and savvy political manoeuvres, only to discover that true happiness is more complicated than he thought. 

With infectious tunes by Stephen Schwartz and classic choreography from Bob Fosse, Pippin is both a humorous allegory about growing up and a dark tale of the danger of false appearances and empty promises.

The show season is April 2023.

Leading Player – Evie Wilkinson / Leyla Scutts

Pippin Josh Hogarty / Ollie Neil

Charles Jethro Franke-Bowell

Understudy – Ephraim Frame

Lewis – Kaz Lehrer

Understudy – Lachlan Braithwaite

Fastrada – Sarah Stevens

Understudy – Isa de Brujin

Berthe – Scarlett Edgar

Understudy – Lucie McDonnell

Catherine – Gaby Jackson

Understudy – Emma Pettit

Theo – Devlin Early

Talking Head – Lachlan Braithwaite

The Players 

Lachlan Braithwaite

Ephraim Frame

Dylan Simpson

Lilia Ikai

Ananya Bansal

Charlotte Kumusky

Amira Stephenson

Roman Pratt-Rink

Jenna Stephenson

Karissa Wan

Benjamin Wong

Isa de Brujin

Featured Dancers Daisy Edgar

Valerie Pearce

Laura Cook