Our fabulous fundraisers are Kay Gill and Anne Maxwell. In their spare time, this dynamic duo love making quilts, going on shopping road trips to fabric and craft shops and sharing brunch along the way.
Kay works with an ex Hillcrest PAC student’s mother and last winter they wanted to ensure that the PAC students were warm as they moved around the school and so they donated some minkies and quilts. This morphed into them making a minkie for every student in the PAC and they also sold masks at weekend markets and donated the funds to the PAC.
This week they dropped in with another extremely generous donation. A range of native bird puppets and small native bird toys with real bird sounds. The fabulous fundraisers have also made 5 more soft and tactile minkies for us. Our students will be warm and cozy this winter.
Last year alone on top of everything else they raised over $4000 selling cloth masks.
These ladies are selfless and generous and we are very fortunate to have them supporting the PAC students at Hillcrest.