In Māori culture, Matariki symbolises the beginning of the new year. It is a time of renewal, remembrance, and reflection. Today we are here to reflect on the wonderful Wiki ō Matariki held here at Hillcrest High School during Week 8. Planning for Matariki began in Term 1 alongside our Māori Council, which led to a successful week filled with activities. During the first day of our Matariki celebrations, we played musical chairs with Māori waiata and had Matariki photo boards with the opportunity for prizes to be won. Manaakitanga, also known as hospitality, (involving the sharing of meals and food with visitors) is an important tradition within Te Ao Māori. So later that day, with the help of the new canteen staff, we shared delicious fried bread. If students were able to give us a phrase in Māori relating to Matariki, the food was theirs. 

The following day, we played a Māori game called ‘Mauī, Matau’ in the Asian tree courtyard during interval, which produced a large number of participants competing to win prizes. Lunchtime, however, held our bigger activity for the day – kahoots. Two kahoots were played in the library, generating numerous contestants playing Matariki quizzes for the chance to win chocolates and canteen vouchers.

And lastly on Wednesday, because musical chairs were such a hit on Monday, it was played again during interval. This activity produced the largest number of student participants. Māori waiata was played, prizes were handed out and stories about Matariki were told. During lunchtime, we held a Matariki showcase in D9, our designated Māori and whānau classroom. Here we watched short films telling the legend of Matariki, followed by quizzes testing people’s knowledge of what they had just learned. 

Unfortunately, many year groups were rostered home the next day, so we had to cancel our Matariki activities planned for that day. Despite this, the three days in which we held our Matariki activities were a success, having a large number of students involved in the week. It was a great success. Us Manukura looks forward to planning Māori language week alongside our Māori council next term. Ngā mihi whānau, and happy Māori new year!