In defiance to gale weather and Omicron the ILC returned to Waikawau Bay, Coromandel, for their annual summer camp. And what beautiful, sun kissed days they were. It was good to escape from these wrought times and find some solace swimming in the calm blue sea. The only real issue students had was to make enough room in their tummy to accommodate the abundant desserts.

Students were encouraged to show independence and self-reliance, and did so in many numerous ways, always conscious of their impact on the environment and the fellow students sharing tents and meals.

We all appreciated the new surroundings, camped by riparian bush vegetation by the creek, and a short walk to the beach, where we basically spent all day every day. The water was warm and smooth, and students could freely frolick under the care of the staff. 


All good things come, eventually to an end, and after a tidy up and quick pack up, we returned to Hamilton, proudly sporting a new tan.