Introducing your Events Captains for 2022:

Eberwyn Ruck:

Hey there, my name is Eberwyn, and I am one half of the  Events Captain team for 2022. Despite us being well into planning for the school ball in September, some days I still struggle to believe I was fortunate enough to earn this role! Applying for this position was one of the many leaps of faith I’ve taken over the past 5 years at this school, and as usual, it was worth giving it go. From year 9 I have done my best to involve myself in the many opportunities Hillcrest has to offer, from Shakespeare Club to Debating and Football through to Badminton. These experiences not only developed my passion for learning and trying new things but, with the amount of times I have had to pick myself off the ground at a Saturday game, or move past a misread line during performance, they also helped to build me into the resilient student leader I am today. As of 2022, I am working alongside the lovely Ashleigh Keene to organise quiz nights and lunchtime events, and of course, Hillcrest High School Ball 2022: Manor on The Hill.

Ashleigh Keene:

My name is Ashleigh and I’m one of the Event Captains this year. Finding out was a huge shock to me and I was unsure I could do the position, but I’m so happy I took it! This position has opened so many amazing opportunities that I wouldn’t of been able to do otherwise. So far we have organized a quiz night event partnered with Hamilton Boys High. The night was high energy and everyone seemed to be laughing and enjoying themselves, we even had a team dress up. We had so many teams come along and show us all the amazing knowledge they have. We hope to make this a yearly tradition for the students to make memories.