Chiefs Rugby Experience Day

April 7, 2024

On Friday 22nd March 20 Hillcrest High School students participated in the Chiefs Experience Day. The afternoon was run by six Chiefs rugby players who were, Kauvaka Kaiveleta, Emoni Narawa, Manaaki Selby-Rickit, Ollie Norris, Reuben O’Neill, Tupou Vaaí.

With the coaching of these professional players, the young men honed their skills, focusing on the art of teamwork, resilience, and determination. The Chiefs players took the boys through different skills, drills and mini games focusing on a particular aspect of the game.

The boys focused on team work throughout the afternoon and how they can improve their culture within the team. A few leaders stood out during the day and took the opportunity with open arms and a great attitude.

The Chiefs Experience Day has not only sharpened their skills but also instilled in them a sense of pride and belonging, uniting them in a brotherhood that we will be taking ahead into the upcoming 2024 season.