Hillcrest High School Youth Athlete Development Program

Thanks to the support of Grassroots Trust and New World Hillcrest we are delighted to appoint Devin Stephenson to lead our new Youth Athlete Development Program.

What is it?
The Youth Athlete Development Program is a program designed and led by a specialist Strength & Conditioning coach to enhance the athletic capabilities of developing athletes in a safe, structured and well monitored environment. Elements this program includes are:

● Recovery sessions – Promoting best known practices for recovering from sports.
● Group conditioning sessions (Preseason only)
● Aerobic & Anaerobic conditioning
● Injury prevention & Rehabilitation
● Resistance & Plyometric training
● Mobility & Flexibility
● Balance & Stability
● Physical testing

Why is it Important?
By engaging in the Youth Athlete Development Program our athletes will increase their ability to be highly competitive within their sport. This program takes into consideration training load management as well as injuries which are common within the chosen sport of the athlete and strategies are used to reduce the likelihood of these injuries occurring. Furthermore, the differences between male and female athletes are taken into consideration when designing training programs, anatomically, psychologically & physiologically these athletes are not identical and thus have different needs & requirements. Research shows us that when athletes’ engage in a well designed training program the likelihood of injuries is decreased by up to 50%.

Who can Benefit?
Hillcrest High School Athletes who play for either a Senior Premier team or a Junior Premier team within the Tier 1 sports system (Football, Futsal, Netball, Volleyball, Cricket – 2022 only). Hillcrest High School Athletes who are making representative teams or are doing exceptionally well within their chosen sport, these athletes can apply to be a part of the program and will be allowed in on a case by case basis.

To enquire contact:
Mr Devin Stephenson
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach