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Dear Parents and Caregivers,


The following information is based on our latest update from the Ministry of Education.

As of yesterday schools are closed, except for students of parents who work in essential services, who can be supervised today and tomorrow. All other students are at home.



All schools will be officially closed and locked down from midnight on Wednesday. From that time no one is allowed onto the school site.


The school holidays will officially begin on Monday 30 March until Tuesday 14 April, inclusive. On Wednesday 15 April all learning will be online. As I have already written in previous correspondence, Hillcrest High School has established Schoology as our Learning Management System and over the last two years we have developed programmes, and staff have been provided professional learning for this online learning platform. Our students should be familiar with Schoology, and many staff have already begun using Schoology with their classes. We are extremely well placed to deliver effective online learning. Staff may have already contacted the students in their classes or may do so in the next few days, but official online learning begins on Wednesday 15 April.


Our nation will be in official lockdown from midnight on Wednesday for 4 weeks. We don’t know what will happen after that time. During this time it is vital that we all adhere to the restrictions outlined by the Prime Minister. We must keep ourselves safe and healthy and not undergo practices, such as socialising with friends or leaving your home for non-essential trips, which would compromise our immune system. 


I wish our staff, students, parents, whaanau and members of our community all the very best over the following weeks.


Take care


Kelvin Whiting








Dear Parents and Caregivers

The Prime Minister has just announced further measures in response to COVID19.

Those students whose parents are employed in essential services e.g. health, police (we are yet to receive the official list from the Ministry and will email parents once this is confirmed) are able to attend school tomorrow and Wednesday. Normal classes will not run but supervision will be provided for these students.

We are still waiting for more details from the Ministry about the next four weeks (are they holidays, or working from home followed by holidays?). We will inform you of that and other developments as soon as they come to hand.

You can be rest assured that the school is well prepared for online learning.

Kelvin Whiting


Letter to Parents/Caregivers - 24 March

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We have just been advised by the Ministry of Education that it would be advisable to contact parents reminding them that if they have recently travelled from China, or have been in contact with someone that has returned from overseas, and they have flu like symptoms, (which could be early stages of Coronavirus) they should seek medical advice and not come to school at this time.
Please contact the school if you believe you are in this situation. Phone 07 857 0297 or email

Kelvin Whiting (Principal).


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Whats on wording amended

25 March         School closes until further notice



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