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Pastoral Care

After a student is enrolled, they are placed in a horizontal form class with other students of the same age and stage as they are. The form teacher has responsibility for this group of young people as they progress through the school in consultation with the Dean and Assistant Dean who have the responsibility for the welfare and administration for a form level and who work in partnership with the Form teacher. Contact with the school regarding a student should first be made through the appropriate form teacher or Dean.

There is also a member of the Senior Leadership Team attached to a year level and they also play an integral role in supporting the pastoral care and well being of students.

Senior students also play an important role in the support and care of the younger students at Hillcrest High School. Peer support leaders meet regularly with Year 9 students to assist with their transition to high school through a structured peer support programme.

There are also Guidance Counsellors, Nurses and a part time, free Doctor to assist if need be.

We have a student Well Being Team who are very focussed on ensuring our school is a safe inclusive place where students can flourish and can be who they want to be. Relationship building is considered essential not only for successful teaching in the classroom but across all of the many co and extra curricular activities in order that students can navigate (the sometimes tricky) challenges of adolescence and flourish in this community.