Pastoral Care

Every student is placed in a horizontal form class with other students in the same level as them. Their form teacher maintains a close liaison with their form class and with the Deans. The Deans have responsibility for the welfare and administration of a form level and progress with that level throughout a student’s years at school. Contact with the school regarding a student should first be made through the appropriate form teacher or Dean.

Each senior leader (Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principals) is attached to a year level. They play an integral role in the pastoral care and well-being of students.

Guidance Counsellors provide a confidential counselling service: appointments can be requested by students or referrals can be made by parents or staff, through the school office.

Senior students play an important role in the support and care of younger students at Hillcrest High School. Peer support leaders meet regularly with Year 9 students to assist their transition to high school through a structured peer support programme. The Anti-Harassment Team is a group of Year 13 students who work to combat bullying through peer mediation and support and through activities that promote Hillcrest High as a bullying-free zone.