Extension & Enrichment

Extension and enrichment are features of both curriculum and co-curricular programmes at all levels at Hillcrest High School. At Years 9 & 10, students identified as gifted and talented have opportunities to participate in programmes such as JEEP (Junior Extension and Enrichment Programme) and Sports Development.


JEEP  (Junior Extension & Enrichment Programme)

Hillcrest High School's Junior Enrichment and Extension Programme (JEEP) is offered in Year 9 (in Semester 2) and in Year 10 (in Semester 1). JEEP's goal is to offer our junior gifted students opportunities to enrich and deepen their thinking and learning through inquiry driven classroom activities and EOTC experiences such as trips to the international film festival, live performance, exhibitions, tours of thought-provoking places and physical challenges. Students who take JEEP go on to excel in a range of areas, from sport to academic subjects, music and the arts, cultural activities and many other extra-curricular activities. The majority of our senior student leaders at Hillcrest began their path to leadership in JEEP.

Year 9 JEEP runs in Semester 2 each year, allowing our new Year 9 students to settle into the routines of high school during Semester 1. Year 10 JEEP is run in Semester 1 of Year 10, building upon and extending the foundations laid in 9 JEEP.

The course is designed around the Autonomous Learner Model (Betts, 1985) to meet the cognitive, emotional and social needs of gifted and talented students. By developing student's autonomy for lifelong learning, JEEP fosters a growing of their awareness of the world around us through inquiry-based learning and reflection, debate and discussion. Students are encouraged to master concepts by presenting seminars to their peers, completing individual and group research projects and creating action plans for positive change within our community.

Year 10 students are also encouraged to take part in local and international academic competitions such as the Philosothon and Future Problem Solving.

The further development of links with Waikato University are continually explored and utilised to enrich learning for students. Selected students are currently able to study level one university papers in Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics and Maori.

There are opportunities to extend and enrich learning at senior levels through Scholarship and Cambridge classes and participation in national and international academic competitions There is an extensive itinerant music programme in the school and all students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular programmes.


Sports Development Programme


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