Hillcrest High School follows Curriculum guidelines for Junior (Years 9-10) and Senior (Years 11-13), and promotes and encourages education beyond.

Extension & Enrichment

Extension and enrichment are features of both curriculum and co-curricular programmes at all levels at Hillcrest High School. At Years 9 & 10, students identified as gifted and talented have opportunities to participate in programmes such as JEEP (Junior Extension and Enrichment Programme) and Sports Development.


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Inclusive Learning Needs

We take pride in the highly inclusive nature of our school. Highly skilled staff develop and implement teaching and learning strategies which are relevant, appropriate and responsive to the learning needs of the students they are working with.

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Physical Assistance Centre

The Physical Assistance Centre (PAC) provides a comprehensive support service for Year 9 to Year 13 students with a physical disability, who have verified ORS funding. Staffing of the PAC includes two teachers and a number of teacher aides. Other specialist services such as Physiotherapy; Speech Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy are provided by Cornerstone Therapy, if identified as beneficial. Individual Education Programmes (IEPs) are developed with full parental/caregiver input to maximise each student's potential. The PAC also has a multi sensory room which is called Te Ana Taonga - which literally means The Cave of Treasures, attached to the centre, this provides a safe, supportive space away from the noise and triggers of everyday classrooms.

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Junior Curriculum (Years 9 & 10)

Hillcrest High School provides students in years 9 - 10 with effectively taught programmes of learning in all areas identified in the New Zealand Curriculum.

The junior curriculum provides a broad base for our students and is structured around: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, Health & Physical Education, Languages, Technology and Digital Technologies.


Hillcrest High School offers a student-centred curriculum, allowing ample opportunities for choice in all learning areas.


The Arts programme offers students the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills in Art, Drama and Music.

In Languages, students can learn: Maori, French, Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin Chinese. All students take at least one language in Year 9. Students whose first language is not English can also join the English Language Learning course.

In Technology students are offered: Food Technology, Electronics, Design & Visual Communication, Digital Technologies Essentials, Materials Fabrics, Materials Metal and Materials Wood.

All Year 9 & 10 students take part in a Digital Technologies course.

There are also options for Financial Capability and Cross Curricular Literacy.


Hauora Programme

All students are placed in a Hauora (Well-being) Group which meets twice a week. (This replaces the Form Classes that we have had in previous years.)

The Hauora programme is based on the concept of Te Whare Tapa Wha - the four pillars of well-being. It will include a range of topics from growth mindset to money management. Academic mentoring, peer support and assemblies will also take place at this time. Your child's Hauora teacher will be your first point of contact at Hillcrest High School and will usually stay with the same group for the full five years.

Matihiko - Computer Literacy

This one period per week compulsory course covers all aspects of the Digital Technologies areas in the Curriculum. Students will gain vital skills and knowledge using digital technologies in contexts that are transferable to other areas of learning. The focus will be on being able to design and create digital.outcomes and having a good understanding of computational thinking.


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Senior Curriculum (Years 11 - 13)

In years 11 - 13 a range of specialist subjects are available for students to choose according to their ability, interest and requirements for future study and careers.

The curriculum allows students to study subjects at different levels, and is flexible so that it caters as much as possible to students’ individual needs.

In the senior school, all students are required to enrol in a full time programme of study which, for most students, consists of five NCEA subjects. Some selected students may take a six subject programme. Compulsory subjects are: English (NCEA Level 1 and 2), Mathematics (NCEA Level 1) and Physical Education (Years 11 and 12).


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Fees & Payments


Parents are able to view their statement of account at anytime through the KAMAR portal. We also send out regular statements of account.

There may be fees charged to parents and these will depend on the choices your child makes for their learning and if they partake in extracurricular activities. This charge is due for payment when committed to and will be loaded to your student's KAMAR account.

Bank account name:  Hillcrest High School BOT    

We only accept credit cards online. Please see below.

Bank account number:  12-3249-0085461-00


Reference:  Please include the student's school ID number and name  Payment via credit card or visa debit card can be made by using the KAMAR parent portal.
Particulars:  Please include what the payment is for


PLEASE NOTE:  We use Flo2Cash as our payment provider for online payments. Flo2Cash charges a 2% surcharge on credit/debit card payments. This surcharge will be added to your online payments, up to a maximum of $5.00. The School will absorb any surcharge over that cap.




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